The Hunt

What to expect / preparations

We have several stands and blinds in place and you may also bring one portable stand.

Wall Hanger Farms is strictly managed with high standards for harvesting trophy animals. A buck’s rack must gross a minimum of 125 inches to qualify for a bow harvest. On a good day with the right conditions, you may see several bucks of this caliber.

If you have a lucky horseshoe, bring it! After all, we are located just across the river from Pope County, Illinois. We have imposed a $500.00 non-trophy fee for deer that do not meet their guidelines. You will be rewarded for harvesting mature does and management bucks that we may ask you to take. Mature does normally are in excess of 100 pounds live weight.

The Land

Located in Livingston County on the banks of the Ohio River, we currently have control over 1500 private acres, 2/3rds of which are owned by Wallhanger Farms.

This is a working farm with crops of corn, soybeans,and clover mixtures. The land consists of rolling hills, high bluffs, caves, small ponds, and rock formations. Property is bordered by the Trail of Tears, and Mantle Rock, where buffalo once roamed. Hundreds of Cherokee Indians perished here during the harsh winter years of 1838 and 1839 while traveling to Oklahoma. The Indians were forced to take cover under the Mantle Rock for several weeks as the Ohio River was too icy to cross.

This property was also very significant during the Civil War in 1860. Many battles took place here as the Ohio River was a major supply line to soldiers. We are honored to share the heritage and spirit of this great land with our guests. The Hill Side makes for spectacular views of the Ohio River and Golconda, Illinois while watching trophy bucks feed on soybeans as the sun goes down over Shawnee National Forest.