Buck Tales

My Hunt of a Lifetime by Tim Biddy/ Owner of WALLHANGER FARMS 

On Friday, October 14, 2014 I was bow hunting at my little piece of heaven, WALLHANGER FARMS with my bother Ron – this day just happened to be my mother n laws birthday too.  

I had just settled in for a 4 hour evening hunt in a stand where the wind was blowing perfectly in my face from West to East. About an hour into the hunt, I saw deer a couple hundred yards away feeding under another stand that I was originally going to hunt, I immediately thought I am sitting in the wrong stand again. I looked in front of me in the clover plot and a spike walked out in the field, I am thinking OK, I’m good now. Then out walked 2 ½ year old 6 point with no brow tines right behind the spike. They fed for about ½ hour fairly close to the wood line when I heard limbs crackling in the woods in front of me.  The crackling got the spike and 6 points attention too and they were looking in the direction of the noise when out stepped a monarch, a big bodied 8 point.  I knew immediately I was going to try and take him with my bow. He took his time coming out, spent a little time at the edge of the wood line surveying the field checking the field for does while feeding around the edge of the clover.  He saw the two smaller deer and wheezed a couple of times, even dropped his head and walked toward them to challenge them for a fight.  They both turned and walked towards separate ends of the field.  The 8 point followed the spike to my right now walking right in front of me while staying on the edge of the clover. Throughout these sequences I never got excited, just the way it played out I guess…..BIG….. BIGGER……BIGGEST! 

Earlier I had ranged some areas, so I had a good idea this shot would be a 50 yard shot and it was going to be right in front of me!  I was a little skeptical because I had only practiced at 30 yards so far  this season, but there was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up! I stood up and what do you know, the tree that was my cover was blocking my shot so, I squatted down, drew back my Bowtech Guardian and let the 2 blade rage fly! Swoosh…the shot was too low!  This of course caused the deer to scurry around trying to figure out what in the world happened. The 6 point ran completely out of the field to my left, the Spike was now standing about where I had shot at the BIG 8 point.  The 8 point was now standing at the edge of the woods to my left where he had previously entered.  Eventually he glanced at the 6 point and I took that opportunity to load another arrow. Now, this sequence of events seemed to take forever when in reality it was just a few minutes.   

The two bucks still in the field were on high alert. The 8 point I shot at earlier was now at 70 yards away standing broadside looking towards me when he took a 2nd look towards the 6 point. It was now or never - he wasn’t coming back! I raised the bow to find my 50 yard on the top of his neck and pulled the trigger on my release and SMACK – the arrow had its mark and the 8 point whirled and ran into the woods. It was in that moment time stood still, OH MY GOSH!  I threw up a prayer and an arrow at 70 yards and had just hit the biggest buck I ever shot at with a bow in 40 years of hunting!  I just could not believe it!  That 2nd shot had connected. I was beside myself and starting texting everybody!  At that time I wasn’t sure where the arrow had hit. I sat quiet and after a minute or so later I was certain I heard the big buck crash! 

At the point I had decided I would stay in my stand until just about dark and then I would go look for him, but that was not in the cards.  Within 10 minutes, 2 more 6 points found their way into the field  and fed around in the clover - obviously sent by the deer ''GODS'' to make sure I wouldn’t push the big bruiser.  They eventually made their way in front of me and laid down 20 yards right in front of my stand where they stayed until dark when my brother Ron and friend Tom came to my rescue along with Ron’s tracking dog Sadie.  We went to the opening where the 8 point was standing and that’s where we found the 2 blade rage had made a complete pass thru with bright red blood on the vanes. Not finding good blood at first, we went back to the arrow and started over then immediately found the blood trail.  After a few seconds it became apparent the big buck was hit hard due to the constant trail of thick blood.  After about 40 yards of tracking there he was…piled up in a dry creek bed and stiff.  

After a short drag and a long celebration – I was living in the moment with my best bow kill yet.  Being able to share this experience with my brother Ron and my good friend Tom made the experience that much sweeter. I was with my brother when he arrowed his biggest buck of his life to date and now he was there for mine…priceless & GOD sent!

 I will always remember this hunt as it was truly…A Hunt of a Lifetime!