About Us

Wallhanger Farms is in Northwest Kentucky, located just across the river from world renown Shawnee Forrest, in Pope County Illinois. We feel very fortunate that GOD has led us to this little piece of heaven on Earth, and hope you will visit us here. This property is also part of the 'Trail of Tears' and was given the name "The Happy Hunting Place" by the Cherokee Indians. As most avid hunters know when searching for Boone and Crockett quality bucks, you must make sure you are in a prime location to harvest an animal of this caliber. Come hunt this property and experience the type of hunting opportunities that famous White Tail Experts/Knight and Hale have known about for years.

In 2018 we hope to harvest our first Boone and Crockett.  2012 was a great year with a hunter from Georgia harvesting a nice 11 point scoring 156 and in 2015 a hunter from North Carolina harvested a 9 point that scored 169.


You will be astounded by the animals you will see. We highly recommend you bring your camera and or camcorder. Our deer herd have access to 20% protein pellets along with summer crops of approx. 300 acres of corn, soybeans and clover. Natural foods consist of white oak acorns, honeysuckle and tons of browse. These deer have a year 'round "High Protein Buffet".

View all of our videos on www.youtube.com/wallhangerfarms .

Wall Hanger Farms is a Member of "Quality Deer Management Association" .

There have been numerous opportunities to harvest bucks ranging from 130 - 180 inches. With any luck this year some lucky hunter will harvest a buck in the 200 class range.

Top 10 reasons you should lease with Wallhanger Farms:

1.  Kentucky ranked #2 in the nation per sq. mile for Boone & Crockett Bucks

2.  Kentucky ranked #8 in the nation for Boone & Crockett’s per state.

3.  Kentucky allows only one buck per licensed hunter per year

4.  Kentucky gun season is only 16 days per year

5.  Livingston County, Kentucky (where we're located) ranks in the top 10 counties for Trophy Whitetails

6.  Wall Hanger Farms is located on the Ohio River adjacent to Pope County, IL / Shawnee National Forest

7.  Wall Hanger Farms deer are fed 20% protein pellets (Kentucky Game & Fish Permitting)

8.  The farm has approx. 20 acres planted in clover producing over 30% protein

9.  Videos have been made of 180in. Whitetails eating soy beans on our property

10. Personalized planning